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  • Walking or cycling around Božava fields, with a 1 km detour to the bay Zagračina, at the end of which is 140 m long tunnel,3-4 km
  • Walking around Zabočac (pine forest above the beach), with branching to nudist beach, 1-2 km
  • The path from hotel to the bays Opatičina, Gruševica and Luka, or after Gruševica turn right and up the hill to the chapel Gospa, and back to Božava by the main road, 5 – 8 km
  • Paths for walking from the cemetery over the hill to the village Soline – approximately 5 km
  • Walking path from the sandy beach Sakarun over Cape Lopata, and all around the village of Polje, cca 4 km
  • Walking path from the lighthouse Lanterna / Veli Rat on the gravel by the sea all around, to Italian houses and return to the lighthouse through the ancient Austro-Hungarian pine forrset, approx. 2-3 km
  • Visit to the bay Brbišćica – after crossing for Brbinj drive still straight towards Sali and after approximately 100 m turn sharp right up the hill towards the bay on the open sea (about 2-3 km). Before the bay, in a curve fit on a parking place and take a path to get down to the rocks and a natural swimming pool offerring magnificent view to sea cliffs, caves and natural bridges. Later drive the car down to the bay, where you can turn or park.
  • Visit the cave “Strašna peć” after Savar, follow the signs to the cave (about 3.5 km). Before the trip, please call the cave’s guide from the tourist office, who would lead you through the cave.
  • Visit the Nature park Telašćica – before Sali. After approx 40 km from Božava, turn right towards the park and drive along the coast road, all the way to the lookout point, or park at the end of the asphalt and walk to the lake Mir (approx. 40 min walk). The lake is warm (in the summer about 30° C). Also be sure to climb up the hill above the bay and see magnificent cliffs on the outside.