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Interesting facts

Long Island was first mentioned in the 10th century under the name Pizuh by the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenetus. In the 11th century called the Insula Tilagus, and in the 13th century a Large island. The name Long Island was first called in 1460.

In Božava, at the end of the field you can see the cover of the old Roman sarcophagus from 4/5th century. Also, if you are going about 200-300 meters to the bay Zagračina, you can turn right uphill and climb to the top of the hill Kruna and see the remains of the Illyrian fortress. and a magnificent view of ten dozen islands all around.

On the rocks overlooking the bay Brbišćica there can be found some stone fossils of ammonites (marine snails approx 20-80 million years old).
Near Sali, by the road to Katina and Proversa pass, numerous Illyrian grave-mounds could be seen, characteristic by their shape and broken tiles and ceramics on top of them.